Hosting Easter? Impress your guests by designing an attention-getting, impressive dessert buffet. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love dessert!? If you’re like us, dessert is your favorite part of any meal (or maybe sometimes it is the meal). Regardless, every guest can enjoy a beautifully designed Easter Dessert Bar whether you’re serving ‘just dessert’ or a plethora of options.

Even the simplest desserts can gain ‘star power’ if dynamically displayed. Our biggest tip? Add interest to your tablescape by elevating items, adding decorative pieces and using tiered trays. Creating dynamic displays are aesthetically pleasing, and that will make the delicious desserts look oh-so-much-better at your party!

Just like great landscaping or flower arrangement, a visually pleasing buffet not only requires various heights and elevations, but a variety of textures is key when creating one yourself.

Now, let’s talk color. If you’re anything like us, you have an entire area of your home dedicated to storing entertainment supplies (no shame, right!?). It’s no secret that Easter is all about the color, and although color is great, too many will detract from creating an artistic impression. Our suggestion? Try sticking with two or three colors that complement each other. These can serve as your ‘base colors’, and you can use slightly varying shades of these colors to create an appealing visual display.

How did we do it? We started with gold tone pieces from our LA Party, and added a few golden eggs along with a couple of gold embellished bunnies to create a chic dessert buffet!

Italian gold mini forks and gold sphere picks from our collection boost the allure of these gold dipped cake pops. Note: We chose to display our pops in these adorable mini glass bowls from the collection. Makes a pretty striking presentation, right!?

The artfully laden sweets are bite size for the most part, permitting guests to taste more of your luscious delicacies.

Rich homemade and store bought candies were placed in the golden eggs for children and adults alike to discover.

We couldn’t resist adding the egg cake to the buffet.  It is so fitting with the hand brushed gold bow.

A full bar may be excessive for a family focused event so keep the libations simple. We suggest chilled Prosecco wine served in our gold sugared rimmed champagne flutes. Delightful, light and refreshing!

With the kids in mind, make them feel special by sugar coating the rim of the champagne flutes  and filling them with chocolate milk. They’ll love the special treat!

You can easily re-create this look and make it your own with pieces from your personal Easter decor stash. Just remember to keep the desserts (and drinks) flowing!

Happy Easter!