The Holidays have come and gone, and now we’re all trying to muster up some energy to take down the décor! Not to mention the added desire to store it ‘perfectly’ this year to make next year a bit easier. With all that in mind, we’ve set out to provide a step by step guide to Holiday Décor Storage that’ll leave you feeling like a pro.

Before you throw out that wrapping paper, think about shredding the used pieces and repurposing it as package filler the following year. Tip found on Real Simple by Sandy Stuckey, former director of special events and entertainment at Gaylord Opryland, in Nashville.

Label and Store Décor by Room. You’ve finally found the perfect strand of lights to hang in the entryway, and you don’t want to forget which one it was. Make sure you don’t by organizing your holiday décor by room. It’ll save you time the following year and you’ll easily be able to move things around year to year.

Pack it Like a Pro! Packing up delicate ornaments and décor is always a challenge. If you find yourself unveiling broken, cracked ornaments and décor each holiday, consider trying a holiday-specific storage solution. (Find our favorites at Target and The Container Store) For fine ornaments and décor, try wrapping tissue paper around the piece and storing it in a plastic storage bag. It’ll provide extra padding to help ensure that you don’t find anything broken the following year!

Light Up the Night (Year after Year) Keep your strand lights nice by utilizing Power Cord Holders and Zip Ties for storage. Power Cord Holders work perfect for wrapping up larger strands of lights and keeping them tangle-free. Zip Ties are great for smaller strands of lights and are easy to use by wrapping the strand of lights around the palm of your hand and your elbow to form a circle. Once you’ve done this, you can use the Zip Ties to secure the ‘circle’ of lights. They’ll stay tangle free all year long!

Keep Track of Your Holiday Décor by inventorying what you have at the end of each year. It’ll help you know what to keep and what to throw out, and you won’t find yourself buying unnecessary items if you have tabs on your current collection.

Storing like a pro isn’t as hard as you may think! Expect your holiday decorating to go smoother year after year by following these tips and tricks.

Cheers and Happy Organizing,