Is there anything better than warm cookies and a big, tall glass of milk? Ask anyone on our team and we’ll tell you no! Inspired by our love for the traditional treat, we decided to come up with an adult-friendly version to enjoy.. at our New Year’s Eve Party!

Whether you’re hitting the town this New Year’s Eve or hosting at home, you can easily whip up this ‘after midnight snack’ to end your night. (Don’t worry, we’ll get to the décor soon!)

To start, we picked up our favorite Milano Cookies and ingredients to make what we like to call, ‘chocolate milk for adults’. Officially named, ‘Chocolate Kiss’, the adult-version of the classic is easy to make. All you need is your favorite Irish Cream, Vodka, and Chocolate Syrup. To serve, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add 1/2 Irish Cream, 1/2 Vodka, and a squirt of Chocolate Syrup. As a finishing touch add a Printed Paper Straw (can be found at most retailers, we suggest Michaels).

Note: We suggest serving in smaller portions as this is a pretty sweet treat! Our Appetizer Shot Glasses from our New York Party work perfectly for us. 

Now, on to décor! In the spirit of NYE, we chose traditional shades of black, white, gold, and silver for our color scheme. We began with the main centerpiece which included the Two Mirrored Finials, the Mirrored Short Vase, the Black Martini Glasses, and the reverse side of the Table Runner from our New York Party. We added a Gold-Gilded Clock (contact for availability) and several supplies from our local party supply store such as the paper horns, blowouts, and masks.

After assembling the centerpiece, we placed our Black Acrylic Risers on each side to display the cookies and ‘Chocolate Kisses’. For a final touch, we added the Square Glass Votives from our New York Party and sprinkled some confetti that we picked up at our local party supply store!

Whether you’re hosting NYE in or you’re taking the celebration out on the town, it’s easy to whip up an ‘after midnight snack’ to cap off the night. Your friends and family will love sipping on their ‘adult chocolate milk’ and you’ll make a great first memory as you kick off the New Year!