Decorating your pre-lit Christmas tree like a pro is easier than you think. We’ve come up with 10 steps that will leave your friends and family thinking that you hired someone to decorate your tree for you!

1. Fluff the branches.
2. Wire your tree topper to the top branches (about 10” from the top). Be creative here by adding feathers, sprays, ribbons and flowers.
3. Decorate filler branches with ribbons, pinecones, picks and/or flowers and place in openings in a “V” or “W” pattern.
4. Weave garland, ribbon, banners and/or sprays in a downward spiral drape (or in any direction that appeals to you).
5. Place large ornaments in a “V” or “W” patterns and be sure to place one at your eye level!
6. Set filler ornaments within the branch openings to reflect the lights and hide internal wiring.
7. Place the largest ornaments in your collection next using the “V” or “W” pattern.
8. Next, place all of the matching color ornaments (again using the “V” or “W” pattern) one color at a time so you maintain color balance with your placement!
9. Place all remaining ornaments in ’empty spots’ or openings.
10. Finally, set your tree in place and turn it to the best side. Finish the look with a beautiful tree skirt!