If you’re anything like us, you love stepping outside of traditional. We’re always searching for a way to change it up, and this Thanksgiving Dessert Bar was no exception. Now, you may be wondering why anyone would serve ‘just dessert’ on the holiday associated with eating Oven Roasted Turkey, Creamy Mashed Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce, and Stuffing until you’re literally, “stuffed”. The answer is simple, really. Some people just aren’t chefs! With this in mind, our team set out searching for a way to host a Thanksgiving celebration without cooking or purchasing a catered meal.

2016-11-09-15-05-06 A few scrolls through Pinterest and a couple of PSL’s led us to the idea of a ‘just dessert’ Thanksgiving. With sweets on our minds, we headed out to our local market and came back with Cheesecakes, Mini Pies, Specialty Cookies, Pumpkin Rolls, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, and ingredients to whip up Apple Cider Mimosas. Temptation was clearly unavoidable for our staff!


Displaying the yummy treats is where the real fun began! We grabbed our favorite serving pieces from our Maui and LA Collections and got to work. (Are you surprised by our choices? Check back next week to learn exactly how to repurpose pieces from your party collection for different seasons and even home décor!) Our ‘rule of thumb’ for displaying several food items is to create different levels with tiered serving stands and risers. This is absolutely key when creating your own food bar display, whether you’re featuring sweet treats like our Thanksgiving Dessert Bar or savory hors d’oeuvre’s.  2016-11-09-14-53-04

After creating different levels with tiered stands and risers, it’s time to start placing the good stuff! Placing larger items on the bottom level of a tiered stand and smaller items towards the top is best. For this particular dessert bar, we decided to utilize the Jumbo Glass Serving Bowl from our LA Collection to display this eye-catching Italian Buttercream Cheesecake. Finding untraditional ways to display and serve food is our second ‘rule of thumb’ when creating any food bar.


Desserts all placed, it was time to mingle in some Apple Cider Mimosas (Get the recipe here). These were such a great visual touch to the dessert bar that paired so well will the various flavors. If you’re not a fan of bubbly, another great fall drink is Spiced Apple Cider.


For a final touch, we placed several black & gold hammered votives with tealight candles in ’empty spots’ throughout the table. A few other finishing touches included assorted squash, fresh apple slices on the Apple Cider Mimosas and Vanilla Beans on the pie trays. (If you have them handy, add in a couple pomegranates for a pop of color!)


And there you have it. A Thanksgiving Dessert Bar can be the easiest solution for anyone who lacks the time, patience, or skill (don’t worry – we can’t cook a turkey like our grandmother’s either) to prepare Thanksgiving Dinner. Trust us, your friends and family will not complain about assorted desserts and some bubbly!

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!