After you have sent the invitations, planned every detail of your party including food, beverage and decorations, the candles are lit, the final touches are in place, music is playing and the last important task is to get yourself party ready.

Selecting an outfit days in advance of the party will assure you look your best and keep your stress level at a minimum. Be sure to select something special, shimmering, comfortable and perfectly fitted. You want to feel stunning; after all you will be the center of attention.

Allow time to do your hair and make-up so you don’t feel rushed. You know the time it takes to get ready, so plan accordingly. You definitely don’t want your guests to wait on you to join your own party. You’ll be using your hands all evening so treat yourself and get a professional manicure and put on that special cocktail ring or bracelet you never have the opportunity to wear.

Take a moment to relax, sip on a cocktail to kick your party mood into high gear. In moments you will be greeting and entertaining your guests. Meet your guests at the door and lead them to the bar or hand them a cocktail upon arriving.  Introduce your guests to each other and help them to start a conversation by sharing something interesting about each of them.


Take an overall scan of your guests every so often to be sure no one is alone or isolated by an overly exuberant guest. You will be in demand throughout the evening so plan on it. You may not be able to spend a great deal of time with your closest friends until most party guests have gone home. They will understand!


It’s your party, your turn to shine and treat your guests lovingly, thoughtfully and courteously . Make the evening unforgettable.

Make Every Day a Party!