For weeks after baby’s arrival it’s a juggling act on top of sleepless nights. The idea of throwing a party couldn’t be further from the mind. A Sip and See is the 21st century’s take on celebrating the arrival of a newborn. It’s an emerging trend that flies in the face of all that downcast exhaustion.

The Sip and See is a large, glittery affair, involving a specialty cake, fancy hors d’oeuvres, champagne, and considerable expense.

When it’s the second or third child the baby shower is often skipped but the parents still want to introduce their newborn to close friends, family members, and neighbors, only in one fell swoop. As a rule, the party is planned two or three months after the baby is born.

A Sip and See party is convenient for guests to come and go, enjoy the delicacies, admire the baby and share the joy with mom and dad. It’s a good way for the parents to end the isolation, relax and have a drink.  The best part is that the baby is there and instead of wondering about the new bundle of joy, guests actually get to see and enjoy the little darling.

At a Sip and See parents have control over what happens, how the party looks, what is served, how long people stay; everything is up to them. It doesn’t have to be traditional and decorated in pink or blue — it can be creative and appropriate according to the parent’s style.

We took the liberty of customizing our New York City party kit for a very busy working Mom, Ivanka Trump, to introduce her new baby, Theodore James Kushner. The chic architectural elements of the party kit construct an ideal backdrop for the not so casual tablescape.

We think this particular party, created especially for Ivanka, fits the bill. We’ve done all the work for her and it looks like a million bucks.

Here are some favorite ideas to make your Sip and See party uniquely special:

  • Position framed pictures of your baby from the first few weeks along with a baby picture of each of the immediate family members and let guests decide who the baby favors most.
  • Go all out and include fancy, original and jaw dropping elements.

  • Place note cards and pens on a table for guests to write sweet sentiments welcoming the baby.
  • A self-serve “sipping station” with a signature cocktail is a must-have since the parents will be caring for the baby and welcoming guests.
  • With the baby’s name revealed, personalize as many things as you can. We have taken the subtle approach and used baby Theo’s first initial.

  • Consider hiring a professional photographer to capture the special moments of the event.
  • Place a bottle of hand sanitizer and a sign asking guests to use a squirt to keep the precious infant healthy.
  • As guests leave give them a party favor as a way to remember this special day. Baby Theo may never be called Ted or Teddy in his lifetime but this adorable teddy bear bank from Reed and Barton is a perfect treasure to give.

Siblings need tender consideration during these times with so much attention on the baby.  Including something special like these individual 3” cakes made especially for Ivanka’s daughter Arabella and son Joseph, should delight them.

Have a incredible Sip and See party and if you are looking for ways to save time, check out our party kits.  They are high-end, elegant and reusable party kits.

Make Every Day a Party,