Make the cocktails your serve at your next party part of the experience. A signature cocktail is much more than just a drink. It must fit seamlessly with your theme, food and enhance your guests entire experience.

Nothing speaks to summer like key lime.  I love key lime pie and it is delightful to have a martini that tastes exactly like the pie! Here’s the recipe. It yields 1 serving.

2 oz. vanilla rum
2 oz. Key Lime Cream liqueur
2 splashes Pina Colada mix
2 splashes pineapple juice
1 cup ice
honey for rim of glass
crushed graham crackers


  1. Pour honey in dish and spin rim of martini glass to moisten.
  2. Place crushed graham cracker on plate and dip honey coated rim of glass.
  3. Add the first 5 ingredients to shaker and shake, strain and pour.

Strain into our graham cracker rimmed Galaxy Martini glass. Cheers!

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