The big Hollywood night is coming up and Oscar will be in the spotlight along with the best of the best.  It’s a night to celebrate.  Yes it falls on a Sunday and ends later than most people in the Eastern time zone are willing to stay up, so here are a couple of ways to spin it.

Three words about the décor: Glam it up!  Use everything that sparkles and shines.  I’ve selected the New York City party collection for it’s reflective pieces and stunning martini glasses.

I’m not simply talking about a few pieces and a candle here and there, re-create the grandeur that surrounds this event. Couture gowns will flow across the red carpet and they are the underlying inspiration for this finely woven table runner I’ve chosen.

Whether you plan a lengthier pre-Oscar party on Saturday night where your guests cast their votes and wait on the results or an Oscars Night Live party, keep the menu simple yet elegant and in good taste. Here is how I let the red-carpet inspire the food display. This Black Tie martini goes down so smoothly you will claim the bottom is missing from your glass. Visit our Facebook and Instagram pages for the recipe to this chic martini.

Both party nights lend themselves to small plate service and I am particularly fond of these enticing duel dishes that cradle stuffed beef rolls au jus.  My interpretation of a catalyst for grandeur includes a clever way to label food.

Create elegant voting ballots with all the main awards and nominees listed (they have been announced). Buy movie related prizes such as last year’s movies nominated for the Best Picture and any current nominees that have been released.  When all the results are in, simply tally them and know you likely will need to draw the winning guest from those with the same answer.  Have one grand prize gift for the guest with the most wins.

If your party is on Saturday night, play trailers from the movies up for awards as entertainment which will help those unfamiliar with all them. The awards can be distributed at a casual after party the following weekend.

Don’t you just love the continuous reasons to host a party?

Re-create this chic design or make it extremely easy on yourself and get your very own New York City collection, complete with instructions that spell out placement and include all these items, menus and more, for a pulled-together, high-designed party that’s easy to host.


Contact us if you are looking for more details about our design and we will happily assist you, 888-283-4088. Be ready to impress your guests without the stress. Encore!

Make Every Day A Party,