You must try this amazing night out with your friends. Progressive dinners often take place in a variety of homes, serving one or more courses each. I’m sharing an alternative to this traditional format that goes over big each and every time.

Look for an area in your city that has a variety of restaurants within walking distance. After doing a little research, you will discover the best places to go for each course of your meal. Depending on the time you start the party, you may need to make several different reservations for your group. I like to keep these progressive dinner parties as unstructured as possible to allow for leisurely transitions between restaurants.

Enjoy cocktails at your first stop and resist the temptation to snack. Save that for your next destination.

Keep an eye on the time and head on over to the next restaurant to indulge in some light appetizers.

You can have more dining experiences by eating the salad course at a restaurant separate from the main course. Yum! Is all I can say about this big enough to share root vegetable and greens salad.

Now, head on over to the restaurant you have chosen for your main course. This restaurant will likely be the one where you will need a reservation and that will be your motivation to stay on schedule.

Look for a restaurant that serves a decadent dessert menu. I love the small plate selections available at many fine restaurants these days.

Make your last stop what you want, a place for a nightcap or perhaps a nightclub. Irish cream coffee is a great way to top off the evening for me.

The final escapade for the evening is a walk to work off the indulgence or dance the night away. What do you think about this type of progressive dinner party? If you haven’t tried it, give it a go.  I’m sure you will find it to be a deliciously memorable experience.

Make Every Day a Party,