Did you know that progressive dinner parties are one of the most versatile party styles going? You can have them at your home using various rooms for each course or coordinate with several friends to host a progressive dinner party at 3 or 4 different homes, with each host responsible for a specific course. A progressive dinner night-out-on-the-town opens the evening up to experience an array of restaurants. Plan to eat a different course at each restaurant. A designated driver, limo rental or Uber is a necessity in this case.

This last weekend we had a progressive dinner party lakeside at the marina where we moor our boat. It was simple to get everyone on board with the idea and the fact that we did not have to travel any further than from one boat slip to another eliminated the need for a designated driver.

The afternoon started with spiked apple cider served piping hot to take the chill off of the day.

It was time for appetizers to start flowing. A popular selection was these mini cheese balls. They are perfect for any progressive dinner since they can easily be made in advance. http://your-perfect-party.com The salad course was served in individual dishes making an easy grab, permitting us to continue to chat.


The main course was plated and it took a team of three to pull off this lovely meal. Grilled scallops, sautéed spinach and roasted potatoes had a deliciously fresh taste that delighted everyone.


Our host for the dessert course prepared a delightful Key Lime Pie shooter. It was hard not to grab more than one but in the end it was just right.


The flexible nature of a progressive dinner party is why they are so appealing. Whether you plan a simple affair or throw an elaborately themed mobile soiree, there are a few basic tips to follow.

  • Encourage each host to prepare their course ahead of time so they can join the guests as the party progresses.
  • Prepare a schedule and share it with all the other hosts and be sure to stick with it.
  • Allow between 45 minutes to an hour for each course; appetizers, salad/soup, main course, dessert.
  • Set a theme to make the progressive dinner party more cohesive and simpler for the hosts.
  • If driving is necessary be sure everyone has a safe way home.

Progressive dinner parties often stir up a sense of competition that can trigger something in each host making them try to outshine the others. Progressive dinner parties encourage everyone to pitch in so the hosting duties don’t fall on any one person. Mostly, progressive dinner parties are nearly effortless to orchestrate.

What kind of progressive dinner parties have you attended in the past? I would love to hear all about them.

Make Every Day A Party,