With the big party season fast approaching, you have not only the who, what and when on your mind but also the menu you want to prepare. What to serve is difficult for many simply because quantities have to be determined. When entertaining no one wants the embarrassment of having food run out before everyone has eaten. Here are nine tips to make entertaining easier!

www.your-perfect-party.com 1 | Assuming you are hosting a cocktail party and serving appetizers, the time of your party is a major factor when considering quantities. If your party begins before 6:30 PM, prepare at least 12 appetizers per person. People will likely skip dinner to leave plenty of room to indulge themselves.

2 | If you are planning to serve shellfish; shrimp cocktail, oysters, crab, etc., quantities for these items need to increase. Taking into account that some people can eat dozens of these delectable morsels, I recommend a half a pound or 5 – 6 ounces per person, in addition to the other appetizers you will be serving.

3 | If your party is after 7:00 PM, 6 – 8 appetizers per person will be plenty. Chances are your guests will have eaten something to curb their appetites.

www.your-perfect-party.com  4 | Offering a variety of appetizers should provide something for everyone. If I offer shellfish, I am sure to have a chicken or beef option. I always include a sweet delicacy that is creative and delectable.  Vegetarian options are on my menu so I’m certain to have something for everyone.  It is good to consider dietary preferences of your guests, if you know them.

5 | An assortment of cheese, crackers, fruits and veggies added to your menu is always appropriate and appreciated. You may even want to add some dried fruit and nuts to your platter.

www.your-perfect-party.com 6 | Now, how about beverages?  I love to serve a specialty cocktail.  Usually I have two options, one with and one without alcohol. These tasty little concoctions are usually sweet so most people will only indulge in one glass and others will have none at all. Prepare enough to serve one drink per person and you should be good.

www.your-perfect-party.com  7 | Do have white and red wine, beer and your guests’ favorite alcohol and mixers on hand. You will get approximately 20 servings from a fifth and 27 servings from a quart size bottle of alcohol. If you don’t know your guests’ preferences just stock a good quality whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin, vodka and rum.

8 | You can expect to serve, on average,  1.5 drinks per person, per hour. When serving wine calculate five servings per bottle.

9 | Much to think about isn’t it?  We can make it nearly effortless for you. Check out our party collections that include the menus, recipes, shopping list and all the décor and serving pieces to create Your Perfect Party. It’s the finest quality party in a box on the market!  All your entertaining woes will simply disappear.

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