Making a party feel special is what Your Perfect Party is all about!  Create an identity for your party by incorporating many beautiful, well-coordinated items into your tablescape and bar area. This will bring your party to life! Your guests will appreciate your attention to detail and your efforts won’t go unnoticed.  Here are our top 5 party must-haves that will help you elevate your party to the next level!


Select something people will talk about. A beautiful, over-the-top floral centerpiece is great but often expected. I prefer to choose items that surprise! Use your statement piece as the centerpiece to your tablescape and build the rest of your party décor around it. This is my all-time favorite thing to select!


Whether you prefer luxurious table cloths or the simplicity of a beautifully crafted table runner depends on the atmosphere you desire to create. If you can find matching cocktail or dinner napkins, they inevitably raise the scale of your party.


We party with our eyes first and our taste buds last. Delicious food served on special plates or serving dishes always helps up the ‘Oohs! and Aahs!’ at my parties – I love to hear my guests talk about the way each dish is served and how wonderful everything tastes!


A creative way to identify what you are serving your guests to eat and drink can be another fun element to personalize your party. I love to use items for something other than what they were originally intended. One of my favorite items from all of our parties has to be these adorable place setting tiles.


An unexpected treat that will keep things easy on you without the need to set up a full bar! Continue your party theme by selecting a recipe that fits – give your specialty drink a fun name! I still have beer, wine, and liquor on hand, just in case. And I always have a fun non-alcoholic option and plenty of water available for my guests who prefer not to drink. After all, it’s all part of being an unforgettably gracious hostess.

So what are some of your party must haves?

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