Spring offers inspiration and enthusiasm to host a party at home. With flowers blooming, trees budding and fresh greenery everywhere, take that party outside!  We’ve gathered the most striking, distinctive and thoughtful ideas to make your party a true delight.

Spring parties call for Kelly green gingham with pale pink accents.  When set-up in a lush backyard as Hostess with the Mostess has done, your guests will feel relaxed in your private retreat. www.your-perfect-party.com

Why do we love bunnies and associate them with spring?  For me they represent new life as they hop around welcoming us in the most innocent of ways. Including a few of these porcelain little darlings in your tablescape makes a beautifully refreshing statement. www.your-perfect-party.com

The thought of getting outside after a long winter and celebrating the freshness of spring is like waking from a sweet dream.  We are so inspired by the refined feel of the party from Ruffled.  Surely implementing these ideas into your party will create a memorable experience. www.your-perfect-party.com

Serving a special treat in the colors of spring add that final touch and delight the kid in all of us.  Be creative with at least one of your menu items.  We adore these crispy treats. www.your-perfect-party.com

If you have any unused cabinets sitting around, I say grab that spray can and paint the piece a pale color.  It is a most delightful way to display your party fare.  We love the pieces used by Piccoli Ela. www.your-perfect-party.com

Take advantage of this glorious time of year when everything is growing, blooming and fresh . . . Oh! so FRESH!

Make Every Day a Party,

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